Simone Pavils – Freedom Academy member who accelerated her business and increased her revenue by 40%: Adelaide Business Coach for Women

Adelaide Business Coach for Women

Meet Simone Pavils – Adelaide’s best Pinterest expert and SEO extraordinaire  

For many business owners, the world of SEO is a dark and scary place. We all know we need it to get more people to visit our website, but it all just seems so confusing. So who can you turn to to help you navigate the daunting terrain of Search Engine Optimisation?

With a gentle energy and welcoming presence, Simone is so much more than a Traffic Strategist. She’s a lifeline for female business owners everywhere – supporting women in business to get organic website traffic with SEO tactics and Pinterest. Her business, Simone Pavils, has helped countless women get their businesses seen by more people since she founded it in 2019.  

adelaide business coach for women

“I love to empower and educate business owners about SEO and Pinterest.” Simone smiles. “These are two areas of business that many like to avoid, as they can often be perceived as overwhelming.”

So how did Simone become Adelaide’s most recognised and renowned Pinterest marketing and SEO strategy expert? Through her connection and membership with the Freedom Academy. We sat down with Simone to ask her how her life and business changed after signing up. 

What challenges were you facing – in life and work – before you became a Freedom Academy member?

“I was doing okay for only being in business for three years, but I was working too much and had no work-life balance,” Simone reminisces. “I had also lost love for my business. Working with Jodie appealed to me because she offered that work-life balance that I was craving while still increasing my revenue!

What was it like working with Jodie?

“Working with Jodie was confronting, but I needed that to get out of my own head.” Simone smiles. “It felt like I had my own personal cheerleader and bullshit detector all in one!”

But even through the tough times, Jodie proved to be Simone’s biggest support. “I knew she was always in my corner though, and she gave me the tools I needed to level up my business.”

Adelaide Business Coach for Women

What were the key outcomes of working with Jodie?

“There were so many benefits and amazing outcomes to working with Jodie in the Freedom Academy – I would never have believed it could happen if I didn’t have the proof right in front of me! In twelve months, I was able to: 

  • Increase my revenue by 40% (which is equal to an additional $20,000)
  • Have my biggest month yet of $7000,00 in March 2022. This year, I know I will top $10000,00 in a month
  • Improve my systems in regard to my pricing structure. In fact, I raised my SEO prices by 80%!
  • Increase my Adelaide-based clients by 80%
  • Host collaborations that allowed me to run my first in-person SEO workshop
  • Present at three in-person speaking gigs, including Freedom Fest
  • Meet and connect with an amazingly supportive community.

Who would you recommend the Freedom Academy to?

Simone’s face lights up. “Any Australian business owner who has been in business for a few years, has a product or service that you know you can scale but just aren’t sure how to just yet, and are willing to put in the hard work, then Jodie and the Freedom Academy is for you.

“Alternatively, if you are also a business owner who is happy with the money side of things, but you have no work-life balance, no passion, no love, and you aren’t happy with your environment – then Jodie is also the perfect coach for you!”

Want to work with Jodie?

Memberships for the Freedom Academy are closed, but you can still apply to work with Jodie directly. Drop her a line at