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The Freedom Academy

Are you serious about taking the first step to freedom?

Apply to our business coaching program and become one of the thirty women a year who get invited to work with Jodie and her team to build your ultimate 6 figure lifestyle business. The Freedom Academy is an ‘all-in’ business building intensive that takes you from zero to $10,000 a month in just 10 months. Strict selection criteria applies because results are guaranteed to all successful applicants.

the freedom academy

7 Steps to 6 Figures

Design, Launch & Fill Your High-Value Coaching Program In 7 Weeks

Through our coaching courses online turn your existing skills, knowledge, and experience into a high-value program that’s easy to sell and transforms lives. 7 Steps to 6-Figures, one of our acclaimed coaching courses online is perfect for coaches, consultants or experts who want to know how to package up what they know into a program that can scale to 6-figures. You only need one great program to make 6-figures a year working part-time and 7 Steps to 6-Figures is a step-by-step journey into exactly how to design, launch and fill that program.

The Rise of the High-Value Human™

Unlock Your True Potential & Own Your Future.

Don’t let the market, economy or another bloody global disaster dictate your future. Discover the secret to human success and learn how to become an asset in any situation. If you want to be the kind of person who can land dream jobs, lead teams with ease or launch a business and have instant success then this is your program! There’s an art and science to human success and in the Rise of the High-Value Human program a highlight of our business coaching program, helps you to unlock your true potential, wildest dreams and achieve all your impossible goals.

Coaching Masterclass Online

The Art & Science Of Inspiring Growth In Others

Coaching as taught in our business coaching program is the most transformational skill you can develop and an absolute must for leaders, business owners and parents. As a master coach you can inspire greatness in others and facilitate ‘inside out’ change that transforms lives. Our Coaching Masterclass Online, part of our coaching courses online series provides you with a complete coaching tool kit and educates you on how to use as a high-value coach who gets results.

Content Creation Retreat Online

The Easy Way to Build a Library of Epic Content Marketing

Implement the same powerful online marketing system we teach at our 7-night Content Creation Retreat. 

Content Creation Retreat Online is an integral part of our business coaching program. This online version of our 7-night marketing retreat is a fantastic option for anyone who wants access to the marketing secrets we teach or retreat but can’t afford to come away for the full 7 nights.

Work through the steps to build 12 months of high-quality content marketing in just one week.

Start-Up Bootcamp

Set Your Business Up For Success

Did you know that the first 3-6 months of launching your biz will either set you up for success…OR it will send you down a loooong, winding pathway filled with expensive, exhausting mistakes. During this Bootcamp we’ll help you set up a coaching biz with the right structure to fast track your growth AND income!

*This program includes recordings from the LIVE STREAMED event held March 2nd-5th 2022

Business Bootcamp Bundle

Start Strong & Scale Easily

Get on the right track from the get-go and fast track your success with the Business Bootcamp Bundle.Get the live recordings and downloadable tools kits from our four-day business bootcamps.

The Start Up Bootcamp includes everything you need to start strong.

  1. Turn your story into an inspiring keynote
  2. Create your brand story and style guide
  3. Find your voice and write copy that converts
  4. Package your skills into a 6-figure product

Scale Up Bootcamp includes insider secrets on how to scale easily.

  1. The worlds simplest sales funnel
  2. Designing lead magnets your clients will love
  3. The 7-step webinar template that works
  4. Building hungry bots that generate leads on tap

The Ultimate Business & Life Bundle

For women who want it all – a great life and a booming business.

The Ultimate Life & Business bundle is our ‘no brainer’ irresistible offer for the women of the world who want it all. If you simply can’t decide which program to pick or where to start, then jump in the deep end with us and get life time access to our entire library of online gold. Create a life you’re wildly ion love with and build a business that sets you free with the Ultimate Life & Business Bundle.

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