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Most of us are raised to believe in the traditional path to success, but the Freedom Academy offers an alternative, more empowering way

Enter the Freedom Academy…

The Freedom Academy curriculum teaches you crucial lessons about life, money, and business, surpassing traditional education. We’re living in a time in history where it has never been cheaper, easier, or faster to start a business. This unique 12-month business development service teaches you everything you need to thrive in modern times and build a liberating business.

Freedom Academy, created by Jodie Nevid, challenges conventional wisdom and offers proven business development services to increase your health, wealth, and happiness.

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It’s time to build a life you are wildly in love with and create a business that sets you free!

A business building program

Designed by women, for women.

No one needs to tell you that being a woman in business is a constant juggle between family, work demands, school pickups, home duties, friends, and cleaning, leaving little free time for yourself. All the podcasts you listen to tell you that “you can have it all, you just need to hustle harder, put your nose to the grind and work while your kids are asleep.”

Yet… there is a tiny voice inside all of us screaming “there has to be more
to life than this!”. There must be a way to have this mythical work-life balance that everyone on Instagram seems to have.

Don’t worry you are not alone. Despite the picture-perfect lives some
business women have, most of us have the same fears, worries and desires.

  • We worry that we will miss out on our child’s milestones because we are too busy sweating the small stuff at work.
  • That we will continue to pass our partners as ships in the night and the only talking point we have in bed is about the chores that weren’t done during the day or what bills there are to pay.
  • What is next month’s profit going to look like? How do I even figure that out?
  • Where am I going to find my next client?
  • How do I find good staff to grow my business?
  • How can afford to grow my business when I can’t afford to pay myself?
  • How can I increase my profits without working more hours and not seeing my family?
  • Or perhaps you are ready to create your business but not sure where to start?

That is why at the Seven Effect, we developed the Freedom Academy after working with women in business for years.

Interested in joining for 2024? Book a free no obligation call with Jodes to discover if this program is right for your business.

Acceptance is by application only – book a call today.

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The Curriculum

The Freedom Academy aligns with school terms, running from February to November, and offers personalized business development services with limited spots available. It is a business building and life design program specifically for women who want to build a 6-figure service or knowledge-based business and create a life of freedom.

We have designed this program to dive deep and will transform how you work and live forever. Joining the Freedom Academy is not for the faint-hearted; it requires a commitment to grow beyond your comfort zone, aided by our business development services. (don’t worry, there is no fire-walking involved!)

We, at the Freedom Academy, will challenge your limiting beliefs and fears, providing the business development services and support needed to achieve your dreams..

  •  Term 1 – Love your life:  You will learn the ‘e-shift’ from the mindset of an employee to an entrepreneur, designing the business and life of your dreams and we will also focus on personal branding and visibility.
  • Term 2 – Lead your movement:  Discover how to become the go-to leader in your niche and the art and science of communication.
  • Term 3 – Launch your offer:  You will be ready to launch your offer with three modules designed to structure your intellectual property, marketing made fun and easy and establish a reputation for results.
  • Term 4 – Systemise your way to freedom:  Our live webinar funnels and automation training will help you sell more and scale your business.

Once you graduate,  you will receive lifetime access to our content and community to continue your journey. Many alumni often tell us they joined for the lessons, but what they loved most was the community. The ongoing support The Seven Effect offers is designed to guide you to 7 figures and beyond.

Interested in joining for 2024? Book a free no obligation call with Jodes to discover if this program is right for your business.

Acceptance is by application only – book a call today.

Your Freedom Academy

Coaches & Guides

Jodes Nevid

Master Business Coach, Marketing Strategist and Content Creator is also known as the Fairy Godmother for Women in Business.

Jodie is famous for helping women earn more, work less. and love life.Jodie has an uncanny ability to unpack the gold inside you and package it up as an irresistible offer you can scale to 6-figures.

Jodie Nevid

Master NLP Practitioner and Women’s Business & Life Design Coach. Sue is another Freedom Academy success story who knows first-hand how emotionally and psychologically challenging it can be to build your first business.

Sue will help you set yourself free by facing your demons and conquering your fears while feeling fully supported every step of the way.

Sue Giacobbe

Join women like you

who are choosing freedom!

Rosie Bartlett

Rosie joined the program and turned her side hustle of teaching Mental Health First Aid into a 6-figure business. In her first six months of committing to her business Rosie secured over $120,000 of work. Three years on and Rosie runs a national training company that works with some of the biggest brands in business.

Susan Rusalen

When Sue turned 50, she decided it was time to pursue hr dreams of starting a business. She joined the program and launched Talking Dental, a consulting business that is changing the way dental practices operate. In 8 months, Sue made over $80,000, in her second year she exceeded $150,000. By her fourth year Sue was having $120K months and is on track to be a million-dollar business.

Suzanne Ingelton

When Suzanne joined the program, she was charging clients $65 an hour and struggling to make money. We unpacked all her skills, knowledge and experience and helped Suzanne build a high-value program she could become famous for; The Mind Body Weight Loss Reset. Suzanne made more money in her first 2 months than she had in the last two years of being in business. Today Suzanne is one of the most sought-after women’s weight loss coaches in South Australia and is fully booked months in advance.

Michelle Jewels-Parsons

As a funeral celebrant, Michelle was burning out and working hard. When she joined the program she was riddled with fear and stress and was convinced that growth was not possible in her industry. We rebuilt Michelle’s life and business from the inside out, she rebranded and restructured the way she worked and set herself free from burnout. Michelle established winning partnerships with big names in the industry, launched a children’s book and has established a reputation as a trail blazer in her industry. Along the way Michelle tripled her business revenue while working less and loving life.

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