Freedom Fest

November 22nd-24th 2023
Adelaide Hills Convention Centre

At Freedom Fest, create your Life Plan focused on goal setting and achievement,PROPELLING YOU TOWARDS LIVING YOUR DREAM

What’s On?

Day 1


The Art of Living

At Freedom Fest, create your Life Plan focused on goal setting and achievement

Day 2

Day 2

The Science of Leading

Harness the power of women in business networking at Freedom Fest to elevate your leadership and position yourself as a top professional in YOUR niche.

Day 3

Day 3

The Magic of Business

Learn to rebuild your business backend with efficient systems at Freedom Fest, embodying the essence of goal setting and achievement for true freedom.

Reinvent the way you work & live

Welcome to Freedom Fest, an extraordinary gathering that transcends the typical conference experience. This event is dedicated to goal setting and achievement and fosters women in business networking at a whole new level. Unlike typical conferences, Freedom Fest offers actionable insights and transformative strategies, reshaping the way you work and live. Join us for a journey of empowerment, innovation, and connection

“This shifted something in me I didn’t even know needed shifting”
Rebecca Burton

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Your ticket to Freedom Fest includes:

  • Freedom festThe live three-day business and life planning retreat in November
  • Freedom festThe Goals Club program working in a small group with your assigned coach for an entire year to ensure your plans become your new way of working and living
  • Freedom festThe Ultimate Freedom Planning system you can use to transform your life, leadership and business year after year after year
“The best thing about Freedom Fest is what happens afterwards in the Goals Club. Every month we reconnect with our plans and go deeper into the learning. This journey has been truly life changing.”
Alicia Wade

The Gratitude Method

“I binge watched the replays in January and it opened my eyes to a whole new way of seeing things. I implemented the ideas and had my biggest month on record while taking the month off.”
Ingrid Carter

Adelaide Wedding Hire

“There’s so much more to Freedom Fest than you’ll ever understand until you’ve done it. The amazing speakers, the planning system, the monthly coaching, the community, it’s everything you need, while being like nothing else out there.”
Lisa Infante

The Goddess Code

Freedom Fest Three Ways

Every year we serve up Freedom Fest three ways so you can pick the package that’s right for you!  

If you’re an ‘all in’ kinda gal and want to immerse yourself in the ultimate VIP experience as well as work directly with Jodie as your Goals Club coach the VIP True Escape package has your name all over, it. 

Or if you’ve got people at home who need you at night, but you don’t want to miss out on the in-room VIP thrills choose the VIP Day Escape package. 

And, even if you’re not in we’ve got you covered. Sign up for the Home Retreat and we’ll ship the Ultimate Freedom Planner and goodie bag to your door so you can join us via live streaming from anywhere in the world. 

VIP True Escape

The ultimate Freedom Fest experience that takes being a VIP to an entirely new level.


Or 10mths x $620 on a payment plan.
Contact Us to request to join the waitlist

VIP Day Escape

The thrills of the VIP in room experience and nights home with your loved ones.


Or 10mths x $420 on a payment plan.

Home Retreat

Join us via live-streaming from anywhere in the world and feel like you’re there.


Or 7mths x $320 on a payment plan.

Freedom Fest – the proven formula that will set you free.

We guarantee epic growth in you and your business by tracking your real results every month for an entire year!

Download the 2023 Program

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Meet The Cast of Freedom Fest 2023

Day 1

The Art of Living

Embrace the long-lost art of living as you venture through The 7 Elements of Life® and create a life plan that makes even your wildest dreams become your new reality.

Jade Leray

Jade Leray

The Inflow CEO

Jodie Nevid

Time and Space for Love

Mary Palaric

Mary Palaric

How to Retire in Style

Sue Giacobbe

Ignite Your Life

Day 2

The Science of Leading

Build a personal brand that has you fully booked months in advance as you tap into the science of leadership and position yourself as the go-to expert in your niche.

Jodie Nevid

Story Telling for Easy Selling

Amber Chapman

Reimagining Resilience

Lisa Ormenyessy

Lisa Ormenyessey

The Ghee-nius Model: Building a 6-Figure Business on a $30 product.

Lisa Infante

Lisa Infante

Rebecca Burton

Rebecca Burton

Jazz Ensor

The leadership panel discuss The Confidence to Show Up, Speak Out and Get Shit Done.

Day 3

The Magic of Business

On the last day of retreat, we dive into the back end of your business to reveal the magic of setting up simple structures, clever systems, and intelligent automations to set yourself free!

Claudia Callisto

Claudia Callisto

Selling Out Epic Events

Chrissie Brown

Chrissie Brown

Becoming Fully Booked All Year

Kathryn Jones

Kathryn Jones

Unleash the Power of Global Summits

Sarah-Jane Picton-King

Sarah-Jane Picton-King

Workflow Systems That Set You Free

Deborah Rugari

Deborah Rugari

Business For Profit & Foundations for Giving

Amelia Ryan

Amelia Ryan

Your 2023 Freedom Fest MC

What’s all this talk about Goals Club?

Think of Goals Club® as the secret sauce to your success!

We all know how glorious it is to take a few days out of our busy routine to attend a conference or retreat. A different environment soaking up new ideas while connecting to like-minded people can lead to all sorts of magical awakenings.

Conferences and retreats are a wonderful way to open up the flood gates and fiull your cup with fresh new ideas. And if you’re like most you’ll scribble them down like a woman possessed filling up page after page with pure genius. Whilst you’re in the room you’ll feel like you’re on fire, and you’ll be convinced that you’ve solved all the problems of the world…

Then you’ll go home.

Your notebook of genius will live of your desk for a few weeks while you keep promising yourself to make time to revisit all that gold… but you don’t.

Instead, your notebook makes its way to the bottom draw where all your other bright ideas have gone to die in the dark.

So what’s all this got to do with Goals Club? Goals Club is the antidote to all your ideas dying in the dark.

Goals Club is one of the most vital parts of your Freedom Fest package because its keeps you revisiting your notes, implementing your plans and achieving your goals every single month for an entire year after the three day retreat.

Your Goals Club Coaches are

Jodie Nevid

VIP True Escape Goals Club® Coach
First Fridays at The Life Design Studio

Get the total VIP experience and have Master Business Coach, and award-winning marketer, Jodie Nevid as your Goals Club Coach for a whole year.

Sue Giacobbe

VIP Day Escape Goals Club® Coach
Second Fridays at The Life Design Studio

Sue is a master at helping women bring joy back into their work and life by breaking through BS stories that keep them trapped. Sue is a certified Life Design Coach® Goals Club Facilitator® and Master NLP Practitioner®.
Mary Palaric

Mary Palaric

Online Goals Club™ Facilitator
Second Thursay of the month 7-9pm via zoom

We call her Money Mary because she made her millions as a property developer in her 50s and 60s. If financial freedom and early retirement are part of your plan, pick Mary as your coach.

Suzanne Ingleton

Online Goals Club™ Facilitator
Second Tuesday of the month 7-9pm via zoom

If you’ve got goals around health and wellbeing, then Suzanne Ingleton is your go-to gal. Suzanne is an Eating Psychology Coach, Hypnotherapist and Master NLP Practitioner who’s helped countless working women transform their relationship with food, body and life.

LOVE what we stand for?
Become a Freedom Partner

We have multiple ways you can become a partner of Freedom Fest & Freedom Awards. From exibitor tables showcased in the Freedom Village during the event – to becoming a named award partner! Enter your details below and someone from the Freedom Fest team will get back to you.

Celebrate success

The only awards on the planet that celebrate the success of women in business and LIFE!

Nominations open soon…

Join us for a party like no other when we announce the winners at the gala dinner held at the conclusion of Freedom Fest.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it cost extra to join the 10-month Goals Club®?
Absolutely not, your Goals Club program with the coaching and accountability is included.
What is the difference between the VIP Ticket and the Normal Ticket?
VIP Tickets give you the exclusive in room experience where you will be one of only 60 women who get to work with Jodie and her team of experts ion the room for three days.

You can attend as a VIP with the True Escape package which includes three nights’ accommodation, morning, and evening meals (Friday night awards dinner sold separately) plus a bunch of extra VIP gifts.

VIP Day Escape ticket includes the full VIP experience during the day and the freedom to venture home to your family at night.

As a VIP you also get the opportunity to work up close and personally with Jodie or Sue in the VIP Goals Clubs.

The Home Retreat package gives you access to all the gold of Freedom Fest from the comfort of your own home. We ship the goodie bag to you, and you also get the $10K Ticket to Freedom and a dedicated Goals Club group and coach to keep you accountable for a whole year.

What if I can’t make all the Home Retreat live stream sessions?
No problem, you’ll have all the recordings in your members area to catch up on and your coach will work with you to ensure you catch up.
Do you cater for special dietary requirements?
While we do our best to work with Adelaide Hills Convention Centre to cater for most dietary requirments (Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Vego/Vegan and allergies) due to the nature of the event we’re unable to cater to super special diets.
Do I get to choose which Goals Club®?
You’ll be allocated to a Goals Club depending on the Freedom Fest ticket you purchased.

VIP True Escape ticket holders will be invited to work with Jodie Nevid as their coach on the first Fridays of the months Feb-Nov at The Life Design Studio, Plympton SA (or livestream for interstate)

VIP Day Escape ticket holders will be invited to work with Sue Giacobbe as their coach on the second Fridays of the months Feb-Nov at The Life Design Studio, Plympton SA.

Home Retreat ticket holders will be invited to work with Suzanne Ingleton or Mary Palaric in the second week of the month Feb-Nov via zoom

When & where are the Goals Club® sessions held?
Goals Club® runs from February to November.

The VIP Goals Clubs® will be a three hour in room session with Jodie or Sue at the Life Design Studio in Plympton on the first/second Fridays of the month Feb-Nov.

Home Retreat Goals Club® will be a monthly two-hour session with a certified Seven Effect Coach in the second week of the month.

Can I see the Goals Club Schedule?
Yes of course, here it is… FYI, Goals Club® sessions are held once a month on the first or second week of each month.

VIP True Escape Goals Club® with Jodie

  • Morning Session – First Friday 9.30am to 12.30pm at The Life Design Studio
  • Arvo Session – First Friday 1.30pm to 4.30pm at The Life Design Studio

VIP Day Escape Goals Club® with Sue

  • Morning Session – Second Friday 9.30am to 12.30pm at The Life Design Studio
  • Arvo Session – Second Friday 1.30pm to 4.30pm at The Life Design Studio

Home Retreat Goals Club®

  • Suzanne Ingleton – Second Tuesdays of the month 7-9pm via Zoom
  • Mary Palaric – Second Thursdays of the month 7-9pm via Zoom
What if I can’t make all the Goals Club sessions in the new year?
The more Goals Club® session you attend the better your results, so we encourage you to lock your Goals Club® meetings into your diary as soon as you know them. If for some crazy reason you skip a session, you’ll get a message from your coach to ensure you stay on track and keep accountable to your actions.
What happens if I get sick, or can't attend?
Freedom Fest is live streamed so if you happen to be hit by the dreaded COVID, or any other sickness, you can still join in from the comfort of your own home. Plus, you get lifetime access to the recordings of the entire three-day retreat as an online course.
What’s your refund policy?
At The Seven Effect® we guarantee results, but only if you show up and do the work…

Unfortunately there is no magic pill or silver bullet to set you free, but we can confidently promise our system works when you do.

Therefore, if you go through the program and implement the steps and find that it just doesn’t work, we offer you a full refund.

If, however you change your mind before the event you can either transfer your ticket to another person, or if it’s within 2 months of the event you can get a credit note to use on any other Seven Effect® program, service, or event. Due to lock in contracts with the venue no credit notes are avalaible within 2 months of event start.

How do I access the $10K Ticket To Freedom?
The $10K Ticket to Freedom is an online portal you can access via your members area. Inside you will find over $10,000 worth of extraordinary gifts and offers that available exclusively to you as a Freedom Fest member.

All gifts and offers inside the $10K Ticket To Freedom are valid from November 2023 through to November 2024, subject to availablity.

Big love and a massive thanks to our partners

The Freedom Revolution simply would not be possible without the backing of our incredible event partners. They help us make Freedom Fest and Freedom Awards the most magical time of the year for women in business.

Everyday Socials

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