Freedom Awards 2023

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Freedom Awards 2023

Welcome to the prestigious Small Business Awards Australia, presented at the annual Freedom Fest Awards! Celebrating the extraordinary achievements of women in business and life, these awards recognise excellence across 14 categories, encompassing both personal and professional realms. With nominations that are both free and easy, this is a unique opportunity to honour the incredible accomplishments of women who are redefining success in the modern world

There are 14 categories to win (7 x Life, 7 x Business – see below) and nominations are free and easy.

Then, join us for an unforgettable celebration at our gala dinner, a highlight of the Freedom Fest Awards, where the winners of the Small Business Awards Australia will be announced.

Mark your calendars for the grand announcement of the Small Business Awards Australia winners on Friday, November 24th, 2023, from 7pm till late at the Adelaide Hills Convention Center, a pinnacle event of the Freedom Fest Awards

Congratulations to our 2023 Freedom Award Winners!

Life Award Winners

  • Brain Award proudly supported by Brain Mastery
  • Winner: Elle Holiday
  • Finalists: Donna Adams, Susie Ford, Amber Chapman
  • Body Award proudly supported by The House of Healing
  • Winner: Rebekah King
  • Finalists: Chrissie Brown (Lyra La Belle), Amy Liaw
  • Environment Award proudly supported by Yergan Landscape
  • Winner: Emily Mykyta
  • Finalists: Bridget Johns, Nicki King
  • Love Award proudly supported by The Seven Effect
  • Winner: Renee Melizza
  • Finalists: Hayley O’Connor, Hayley Pokorzynski, Danette O’Brien
  • Time Award proudly supported by The Seven Effect
  • Winner: Edriana King
  • Finalists: Kirsten Rees, Hollie Barac
  • Money Award proudly supported by Abundeco
  • Winner: Peta Apps
  • Finalists: Kate Gardner, Katherine McLeod
  • Passion Award proudly supported by The Ignite Experience
  • Winner: Lisa O’Malley
  • Finalists: Grier Neilson, Michelle Jewels-Parsons

Business Award Winners

  • Ambition Award proudly supported by Everyday Socials
  • Winner: Jenaya Huxter
  • Finalists: Kym Brown, Sharni-Marie Bates
  • Faith Award proudly supported by The Seven Effect
  • Winner: Rachelle Lessue
  • Finalists: Katherine Faull, Yasminia Hughes
  • Structure Award proudly supported by The Seven Effect
  • Winner: Sarah-Jane Picton-King
  • Finalists: Amelia Ryan, Annette Densham
  • Community Award proudly supported by Fresh 92.7
  • Winner: Claudia Callisto
  • Finalists: Monica Sandercock, Chrissie Brown (Lyra La Belle)
  • Systems Award proudly supported by System King Pixel
  • Winner: Lisa Ormenyessy
  • Finalists: Lauren Clemett, Fiona Ahern
  • Results Award proudly supported by SEO Simone Pavils
  • Winner: Bec Cooper
  • Finalists: Alicia Wade, Kathryn Jones
  • Contribution Award proudly supported by Harvesting Potential
  • Winner: Deborah Rugari
  • Finalists: Kathryn Jones, Lisa Infante

The Process

How the Freedom Awards work…



Does someone special come to mind when you look at the categories below? All you need is a full name, email address and some kind words. They do NOT need to have a business to be nominated for a LIFE award – and yes – you can nominate yourself!
Nominations close Oct 23rd 2023



Everyone nominated is invited to submit an application to win a Freedom Award. You’re welcome to submit an application for an award you weren’t nominated for.
You can apply for multiple awards – as part of Start Up Club Membership
Applications close Oct 27th 2023



The winners of the Freedom Awards will be announced at our annual Gala Dinner 
There are 14 Freedom Awards – 7 Life categories, 7 Business categories. Each category has runners up – and all finalists receive an award.
Fri Nov 24th 2023 – 7pm till late.

Important Dates

 Aug 2023 – Nominations open
Oct 23rd  – Nominations close
Oct 27th – Finalist applications close
Nov 22nd – 24th – Freedom Fest Retreat
Nov 24th from 7pm – Freedom Awards Ceremony

Freedom Fest
Freedom Fest Retreat

Nov 22nd-24th | 2023
Adelaide Hills Convention Center

Freedom Awards 2023
Freedom Awards Dinner

Friday Nov 24th | 7pm – Late
Adelaide Hills Convention Center

Award Categories

Life Awards

Life Awards are for those who live their best life, achieving their ‘impossible’ goals and experience transformation using the Elements of Life.

Brain Award

Proudly supported by Brain Mastery

Expanding your potential through learning and developing a positive mindset

Body Award

Proudly supported by The House of Healing

Increasing your energy and vitality through healthy living

Environment Award

Proudly supported by Yergan Landscape

Designing your ideal environment and making your home a haven

Love Award

Proudly supported by The Seven Effect

Building rewarding relationships by investing in the people who matter the most.

Time Award

Proudly supported by The Seven Effect

Focusing on your priorities and making the most of every day

Money Award

Proudly supported by Abundeco

Learning how to make money work for you so you don’t have to work so hard for it.

Passion Award

Proudly supported by The Ignite Experience

Igniting a fire in your belly to live your best life and do the things you love

Award Categories

Business Awards

The Business Awards are for those that have found their freedom, doing what they love for a living and use the Elements of Lifestyle Business to achieve success.

Ambition Award

Proudly supported by Everyday Socials

For thinking big, acting with tenacity and following through on your mission

Faith Award

Proudly supported by The Seven Effect

For leaning in, facing fears and shifting beliefs to continuously expand your comfort zone

Structure Award

Proudly supported by The Seven Effect

For creating clever content, designing unique models and delivering a transformational client journey

Community Award

Proudly supported by Fresh 92.7

For establishing triple win partnerships, leading an engaged tribe and sharing content that inspires greatness in others

System Award

Proudly supported by System King Pixel

For outsourcing low value and leveraging technology to set up streamlined systems that give you more time and freedom

Results Award

Proudly supported by SEO Simone Pavils

For transforming lives in measurable ways and sharing testimonials that educate the world about the incredible results your clients achieve

Contribution Award

Proudly supported by Harvesting Potential

For leading positive change, giving back in meaningful ways and using your business as a vehicle to create a movement that matters.

Congratulations to our 2022 Freedom Award Winners!

Life Award Winners

  • Brain Award  – Callista Clarizia
  • Body Award  –  Lydia Kalleske
  • Environment Award  –  Leyla Bate
  • Love Award  –  Alicia Wade
  • Time Award  –  Bridget Johns
  • Money Award  –  Mary Palaric
  • Passion Award  –  Natasha Price

Business Award Winners

  • Ambition Award  – Rebecca Burton
  • Faith Award  –  Rosalie Pappas
  • Structure Award  –  Christine Khor
  • Community Award  –  Helen Whait
  • Systems Award  –  Kathryn Jones
  • Results Award  –  Annette Densham
  • Contribution Award  –  Mary Galouzis


The Freedom Revolution simply would not be possible without the backing of our incredible event partners. They help us make Freedom Fest and Freedom Awards the most magical time of the year for women in business.

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Congratulations to our 2021 Freedom Award Winners

Life Award Winners

  • Brain Award  –  Carrie Taylor
  • Body Award  –  Mary-Anne Bennet
  • Being Award  –  Michelle Jewel-Parsons
  • Love Award  –  Ella Stratton
  • Time Award  –  Ally Nitschke
  • Money Award  –  Suzqanne Murphy
  • Passion Award  –  Sophie Bretag

Business Award Winners

  • Ambition Award  –  Teagan Carpenter
  • Faith Award  –  Keli Doubikin
  • Structure Award  –  SA Mums In Business
  • Community Award  –  Chrissie Brown
  • Systems Award  –  Amber Rushton
  • Results Award  –  Suzanne Ingleton
  • Contribution Award  –  Robyn Verrall

Congratulations to our 2020 Freedom Award Winners

Business Award Winners

  • Ambition Award  – Michelle Jewels-Parsons
  • Faith Award  – Sue Giacobbe
  • Structure Award  – Ally Nitschke
  • Community Award  – Kathryn Jones
  • Systems Award  – Suzanne Ingleton
  • Results Award  – Toni Everard
  • Contribution Award  – Susan Rusalen