If you’re selling your time by the hour, no wonder you feel exhausted, stuck, and disillusioned with your business

Unlock the secrets to financial success with The Freedom Calculator™, your ultimate Financial Freedom Calculator. Say goodbye to the uncertainty of hourly rates and embrace the power of value-based pricing. Our tool is more than just a cash flow calculator; it’s a roadmap to building high-value programs that reflect the true worth of your expertise

Find Your Freedom

Introducing The Freedom Calculator TM
– the premier Financial Freedom Calculator used by coaches and consultants to strategically price their offerings and efficiently manage cash flow.

Because if you wanted to give up your talent and specialist expertise for dollars by the minute, you could have stayed an employee, right?

Didn’t you start your business to be able to help people, charge appropriately, and gain financial freedom?

You simply can’t do that charging by the hour.

This process will teach you how to charge what you’re worth (and feel great about it) even if you’ve been going around and around the conundrum of what to charge as a coach or consultant.

The Freedom Calculator TM guides you in setting rates aligned with your income and lifestyle goals making it an essential cash flow calculator for ambitious professionals:

  • Set your rates that’ll get you to your income and lifestyle goals
  • Design programs that are easy to sell
  • Make 6-figures a year with 50 clients or less
  • Unlock the low-effort/high-reward way to grow
  • Start charging what your knowledge is worth and celebrating pay day!

Whether you’re nearly at the point of launching or you’ve been in business a while, The Freedom Calculator TM provides expert assistance in crunching numbers and calculating rates, serving as an invaluable Financial Freedom Calculator for any stage of your business journey!

Freedom. Flexibility. Financial Security.

It’s all yours for FREE (normally $27)

…this changed everything
for me…

Make making money fun because you’re too valuable to be undercharging and over servicing
(even if you don’t 100% feel that truth in your bones…yet)

It works like magic

You don’t need to second guess your numbers, feel uncomfortable about your prices, or have Proposal Regret (yes, that’s a thing!) when you have The Freedom Calculator TM in your tool kit

You just need programs that sell…
at prices that are profitable.

There are 3 areas that start-up coaches royally stuff up when they start out in business (no shame, we’ve all been there):

  1. Pricing – they create cheap, low-value offers
  2. Program design – they try and sell their valuable time by the hour
  3. Positioning – they position themselves as a low-value Jill-of-all-trades
The scary truth of business is that if you make mistakes in any, or all, of these areas you’ll be broke and burnt out before your business is off the ground.

The amazing thing is, though, that all these mistakes can be avoided.

We’ve seen way too many business owners fall into the same trap, and we don’t want you to follow suit. Which is why we developed The Freedom Calculator TM and decided to practically gift it to you so this stops being such a barrier of creating your dream business and life.

It’s designed to teach you how to crunch your numbers before you launch, so you can build a business that
sets you free.
The Coaches Calculator TM will walk you through the entire process of crunching your numbers and making money as a coach or consultant, by:
  • Calculating your rates based on your income and lifestyle goals
  • Providing insights into the types of programs people love to buy
  • Giving you the formula for making 6-figures a year, with 50 clients or less, all while working part-time
  • Boosting your confidence, knowing you’re learning from Australia’s #1 coach for start-up coaches Jodie Nevid (AKA The “Fairy Godmother for Women in Business”*)

The Freedom Calculator TM takes all the guesswork and stress out of knowing what to charge and how to actually get paid as a coach. Because building your business should be fun and easy, and it should set you up for financial (and emotional) freedom.

The Freedom Calculator TM is also the perfect solution for all start-up entrepreneurs who want the perfect tool to crunch their numbers. Besides being ridiculously easy to use, it shows you – clearly – that being profitable hinges on your pricing model, so give yourself the gift of analysing your numbers with ease, and the power to build a business that gets you paid.

Bonus: besides figuring out what to charge as a coach or consultant, this process will completely flip your thinking about what to sell and how to feel fabulous about your prices.

* A label her clients gave her and one she proudly wears!

…hallelujah I’ve seen the light,
I was never going to make money
doing what I was…

Build a profitable business, meet your goals, and find freedom in your work starting with using The Freedom Calculator™