Create a Life You’re Wildly in Love With,
Build a Business That Sets You Free.

Join Freedom Fest, the threeday planning retreat for women who want to start or scale a successful business.

Create a life you love and build a business that sets you free.

Here’s what to expect from Freedom Fest…


The Art

of  Living

Life is an art. Get ready to paint your masterpiece. Break away from the busyness and enjoy a decadent day of designing your dream life.

On day one, you will…

  Discover the amazing power of the 5 Step Life Design process

  Use the 7 Elements of Life to create your 12-month Life Plan

  Unlock the secret to achieving all your impossible goals with ease.


The Science

of  Leadership

Crack the code on becoming fully booked and learn how to make an impact in your business by leading a movement.

On day two, you will…

  Build a personal brand that can be monetised

  Position yourself as a leader in your industry

  Grow a thriving community of new followers and raving fans


The Magic

of  Business

Tap into the power of the 80/20 Rule as you learn to re-build your business so you can earn more, work less and love life!

On day three, you will…

  Create your low-effort, high-reward business plan

  Use social media and SEO to get free leads and new clients

  Find funding and get the big wigs to back your business

The only festival for businesswomen to plan,

execute their business and define their life goals.

Does this
sound like you?



You created a business to achieve a better work/life balance but find yourself working harder than you ever have before.

You’re burnt out. 

You’re ‘busy’ all the time, but you’re not seeing the results or feeling that freedom you’d hoped for. And what’s worse… it takes at least three days of following up on new leads and sending quotes to potential clients because you’re worried about being overpriced and asking for money.

(Yes – this is an actual thing. It’s called pricing anxiety, and it’s something a lot of female business owners struggle with).

Oh, and what about the guilt? Yep, there’s a lot of that too. Women tend to feel responsible for all the things leaving us feeling guilty when we can’t possibly DO all the things.   

Starting a business was supposed to be your ticket to freedom. But instead, it’s become the thing that keeps you feeling stuck or shackled. Maybe you’ve even started to resent the business that was once your ultimate passion project.

But, how did you get here?

You didn’t create a life plan. 

The life you desire starts with YOU.

At Freedom Fest, we teach businesswomen how to design the life of their dreams… then build the business that will give them that life.

Because if you don’t have a life plan, your business becomes your life!

Over three life-changing days, you’ll meet amazing women who will teach you how to create the life of your dreams and build a business that sets you free.

Who is this
event for?



Freedom Fest is a magical event for established and budding businesswomen who are ready to take control of their businesses and life. During the three-day retreat, you’ll create life and business plans that follow principles from the 80/20 Rule – allowing you to earn more, work less and love life.

But wait… there’s more!

Freedom Fest is not just a three-day retreat where we fill you with ideas and send you back to a busy life where implementation feels impossible.

Your ticket to Freedom Fest also includes a ten-month coaching and accountability program. Here, you’ll work with your accredited Goals Club Facilitator® in a small group from February to November and take action on your plans every. Single. Month.

At Freedom Fest, we give you everything you need to build a business that’s designed to fit into your life – not the other way around.

Even if this doesn’t sound like you, Freedom Fest is still an incredible opportunity to connect and collaborate with passionate businesswomen who are challenging the status quo and taking back control.

We would love to see you at the 2022 Freedom Fest.

Women in business rate Freedom Fest 5 out of 5 stars

How will you do Freedom Fest this year?

In 2022 we’re serving up Freedom Fest in three ways…



Live stream Freedom Fest from anywhere in the world and create a retreat in your own space on your terms.


The Home Retreat
package includes…

  Three-day life and business planning retreat

  Hands-on workshops on life, leadership and lifestyle business with leading experts

  Lifetime access to video recordings of the entire retreat

  The Ultimate Freedom Planning system for business and life

  Stunning hard copy Freedom Planner to keep your dreams and plans in one place

  Electronic downloadable copies of all the workbooks, resources and tools shared by the experts.

  Your exclusive ‘$10K Ticket to Freedom’ which includes over $10,000 worth of secret offers

  The ten-month Goals Club® working in a small group with your coach from February to November in 2023.

  The Freedom Fest goodie bag, planner and workbook shipped to your door anywhere in Australia.

*International shipping available upon request.

Payment Plan Available

Investment $1990



Perfect for busy mums who want to enjoy the VIP treatment without staying overnight


The Day Escape package includes…

✓  Everything from the Home Retreat package 

  Exclusive VIP in-room experience as one of only 60 women working up close and personal with the experts

✓  Mind-blowing prizes and surprises every step of the way during the retreat

✓  The in-room ‘Headshots Photobooth’ to update your profile pic

✓  The decedent Day Escape gift box filled with luxurious goodies from South Australian businesses.

✓  Jodie as your business and life coach for an entire year in the 2023 VIP Goals Club®

Payment Plan Available

Investment $2990



The ultimate experience for the woman who wants it all and knows she’s worth it.


The True Escape package includes…

  Everything from the Home Retreat AND Day Escape packages

  Three nights’ accommodation at the stunning Adelaide Hills Convention Centre

  Morning yoga and meditation classes with Jeni Watson from Roaming Zen

  Delicious breakfasts served up on day two and day three

  Experiential evening meals and masterclasses that will awaken your senses and connect you to the experts.

  The ultimate True Escape gift boxed built to blow your mind with goodies and surprises that make you feel like a million bucks!

Investment $3990

Sold Out

*In case of cancellations

Meet the cast of  Freedom Fest 2022

Jodie Nevid

Founder of The Seven Effect and
creator of The Freedom Academy


As the brains and heart behind Freedom Fest, Jodie is renowned for helping working women find freedom by turning what they love to do into a successful 6-figure business. When you work with Jodie, you’ll quickly discover how to achieve more than you imagined possible by doing less than you thought was required.


At Freedom Jodie will help you…

  Design and live the life of your dreams

  Position yourself as the expert and identify the one thing you should be ‘famous for’

  Create a Freedom Plan that allows you to earn more, work less and love life.


Author, speaker, and your Freedom Fest MC


Michelle will be your MC at Freedom Fest and help you connect the dots between each session. Michelle is also a long-standing client of The Seven Effect and a graduate of The Freedom Academy. So enjoy her valuable insights from her own journey away from burnout and toward freedom.

    ⎯ Day One

    The Art of Living

    Discover The 7 Elements of Life® and learn the secret to achieving all your impossible goals.
    By the end of day one, you’ll have a 12-month Life Plan that outlines exactly what you want out of life
    and provides you with you a step-by-step strategy to make it happen.

    Jodes Nevid

    Jodie Nevid

    Founder of The Seven Effect®


    Train Your Brain and
    Nurture Your Body with Jodie


    In session one, Jodie introduces you to the first two Elements of Life® – your BRAIN and BODY. Delve into your subconscious to uncover invisible beliefs and behavioural patterns that could be blocking your success. You will review your current energy levels and use The Longevity Plan to map out your own health and healing goals.

    This session delivers an unconventional approach to…

    ✓  Achieving goals by training your BRAIN

    ✓  Regaining your energy by healing your BODY

    ✓  Extending your life span and enhancing your lifestyle



    Jodes Nevid

    Bridget Johns

    Founder of Be Simply Free


    Declutter Your Life and Make Time For Love with Bridget


    In session two, Bridget Johns, the founder of Be Simply Free, will show you how to transform the third, fourth and fifth Elements of Life® – BEING, LOVE and TIME. Bridget is the most organised yet non ‘anal-retentive’ human you will ever meet. She brings a sense of joy, laughter, and fun to the daunting task of decluttering your home, mind and calendar.


    Bridget will show you how to:

    ✓  Make decluttering and organising a fun experience

    ✓  Set up routines that bring the LOVE back into your home

    ✓  Buy back time with her magic Calendar Clean Up system




    Jodes Nevid

    Jodie Nevid

    Leader of The Freedom Fest Movement


    Make Money Work For You with Jodie


    If working less and earning more is on your wish list, you’ll love the afternoon session with Jodie as you work on the sixth Element of Life® – MONEY. Prepare for a paradigm shift as you discover how to make money work for you so you don’t have to work so hard.

    In this hands-on number crunching session, you’ll use The Ultimate Freedom Calculator to…

      Calculate your net worth and financial position
      Identify your financial freedom goals
      Build a MONEY PLAN to set you free



      Jodes Nevid

      Amelia Ryan

      Performer. Speaker. Writer. Coach. Facilitator.


      Turn Your Passion Into Profit with Amelia


      To close out day one, Amelia Ryan takes you on an epic adventure into the seventh Element of Life® – Passion. Amelia is a Cabaret performer who turned her personal story into a standout show that toured the world. If anyone can teach you how to tell your story and turn a random passion into business success, it’s this woman!

      Amelia’s session will have you in stitches as she blends the magic of cabaret with a masterclass on how to amplify your vision, voice, and life!


        ⎯ Day Two

        The Science of Leading

        Learn more about the science of leading a movement and building your community. Discover how to use the 7 Elements of Leadership® to position yourself and your business as one of the go-to leaders in your industry. Day two will set you up with the tools, templates and skills you need to get more clients and become fully booked.

        Jodes Nevid

        Dianne Dumanovic

        Founder of Topknot Management


        Build A Personal Brand That’s Profitable with Dianne


        Get the party started on day two with the first and second Elements of Leadership® – VISION and AUTHENTICITY.

        Who better to take you on that journey than the founder of Topknot Management, Dianne Dumanovic.

        If your VISION involves being published in the media and building an AUTHENTIC personal brand, this session will light you up like a Christmas tree!

        Dianne will show you how to…

          Build a brand you can monetise
          Position yourself as an expert
          Pitch to the media and get published



          Jodes Nevid

          Sandra Senn

          Owner of Hashtag Instaprints and SA Mums In Business


          Create An Epic Community and Grow Through Partnerships with Sandra


          If you hate the idea of selling, but love the thought of getting more clients, then you’ll adore working on the third, fourth and fifth Elements of Leadership® with Sandra Senn. As the owner of Hashtag Instaprints and SA Mums In Business, Sandra will teach you how she built both businesses in rapid time by:

            Showing up with CONFIDENCE

            Nailing the science of COMMUNICATION

            DELIVERING above and beyond expectations.

          In Sandra’s session, you will:

            Find your inner CONFIDENCE

            Have fun COMMUNICATING your message

            Design a DELIVERY method that turns cold leads into paying clients and loyal




            Jodes Nevid

            Jodie Nevid

            Creator of The Freedom Academy™


            Turn Your Biggest Disasters Into Your Greatest Money Makers  with Jodie


            A BIG Truth about business is this – it’ll kick you in the butt more times than once. That’s why you need to understand the sixth Element of Leadership® – RESILIENCE. Join Jodie for a roller coaster ride through the highs and lows of scaling a business and discover how to bounce back from disaster and turn it into your greatest growth and income opportunities.

            This wild, whacky and unpredictable session will show you how to:


              Fall hard and recover quickly

              Find hidden opportunities in epic fails

              Laugh out loud with wisdom instead of cry alone in despair.


              Jodes Nevid

              Sophie Bretag

              Founder of Metta Leaders


              Grow Your Brand By Becoming An Advocate For Others with Sophie


              One thing we can agree on is that the world needs more kindness. Enter Sophie Bretag – the founder of Meta Leaders and leader of the Kindness Revolution.

              To close out day two, Sophie will share how she unlocked the seventh Element of Leadership® – GROWTH – in her business by partnering with international experts and becoming an advocate for other businesses and brands.

              Sophie will teach you how to…


                Reach out to global leaders and get them excited about your mission

                Connect and collaborate with like-minded businesses and brands

                Grow your business through relationships built on kindness.


                  ⎯ Day Three

                  The Magic of Business

                  Discover the magic of the 80/20 Rule and re-build your business so it becomes the ticket to freedom you always hoped it would be. When you understand how to use the 7 Elements of Lifestyle Business® and make magic in business, you unlock your ability to earn more, work less and love life!

                  Jodes Nevid

                  Jodie Nevid

                  Travel and Learning Junkie


                  Building Your Low Effort, High Reward Business Plan with Jodie


                  On the final day of the retreat, everything comes together just like magic. Your day begins with Jodie as she guides you through a powerful business planning process that taps into the first and second Elements of Lifestyle Business® – AMBITION and FAITH.

                  In this business planning session, you will…


                    Unlock the secret to earning more and working less

                    Build your 80/20 Plan

                    Experience a sense of instant relief and freedom as you let go of all the things you never need to do again.



                      Jodes Nevid

                      Chanelle Le Roux

                      Founder of Ninki Content Marketing


                      Create Content That Brings New Clients To Your Yard with Chanelle


                      We all know Kelis’ milkshakes bring all the boys to the yard, but does your content bring new clients to your yard? If not, you need to meet the marketing master and founder of Ninki Content Marketing, Chanelle Le Roux.

                      Dive into the third and fourth Elements of Lifestyle Business® – STRUCTURE and COMMUNITY and learn how to STRUCTURE your marketing message and content, so it grows your COMMUNITY… just like magic!

                      Chanelle will help you…


                        Structure your marketing message to cut through the noise.

                        Use socials to have fun with your followers

                        Expand your community without having to ‘live’ on social media every day.



                            Jodes Nevid

                            Simone Pavils

                            SEO and Traffic Strategist


                            Strategies and Systems To Send More Traffic Your Way with Simone


                            The fifth Element of Lifestyle Business® is SYSTEMS. In this session, you’ll learn how to set up SYSTEMS that bring you free traffic. Crack open your laptop and fire up your Google Keyword Tool as traffic strategist and SEO wizard Simone Pavils reveals clever hacks that increase your visibility and make it easy for all those hot hungry online leads to find your business for free.

                            During this workshop, you will:


                              Identify the top keywords for your business

                              Learn SEO tricks that make you appear in more searches.

                              Establish a simple three-step system to send organic traffic your way.


                                  Jodes Nevid

                                  Jodie Nevid

                                  Leader of the Freedom Revolution


                                  Gamification and Results Based Marketing with Jodie


                                  No one goes into business to become perpetually busy, but everyone in business wants to be fully booked. So let’s ban busyness and get you fully booked! In this session, you’ll learn why the sixth Element of Lifestyle Business® – RESULTS – is the most magical of all the elements.

                                  Results are the #1 thing you want to become famous for. Yet a lot of women struggle to articulate what exact results they help clients achieve. In this creative marketing workshop, Jodie will teach you how to…


                                    Position yourself as a high-value expert using results-based marketing

                                    Gamify your products and services to make them irresistible

                                    Build a library of testimonials that make your audience squeal “I’ll have what she’s having”


                                          Jodes Nevid

                                          Robyn Verrall

                                          Founder of Harvesting Potential
                                          Owner of Bullys Meats
                                          AgriFutures® SA Rural Woman of the Year


                                          Get the Big Wigs To Back Your Projects with Robyn


                                          To close out Freedom Fest 2022 Robyn Verrall will teach you how to connect with key decision makers from government and industry then get them to back your business and believe in your ideas!


                                          Let Robyn show you how to…

                                            Find hidden pools of funding to support your growth

                                            Connect with key players in government and industry

                                            Open doors to national and international growth opportunities



                                                    Download the Program

                                                    Freedom Fest FAQs

                                                    Does it cost extra to join the 10-month Goals Club®?

                                                    Absolutely not, your Goals Club program with the coaching and accountability is included.

                                                    What happens if I get COVID?

                                                    Freedom Fest is live streamed so if you happen to be hit by the dreaded COVID or any other sickness you can still join in from the comfort of your own home. Plus, you get lifetime access to the recordings of the entire three-day retreat as an online course.

                                                    What if I can’t make all the live stream sessions?

                                                    No problem, you’ll have all the recordings in your members area to catch up on and your coach will work with you to ensure you catch up.

                                                    Do I get to choose which coach I work with in the Goals Club®?

                                                    Yes, subject to availability so if you’ve got a specific coach in mind book your ticket early to avoid disappointment. If you’d to join the VIP Goals Club® and have Jodie as your coach, make sure you book a VIP ticket.

                                                    What if I can’t make all the Goals Club sessions in the new year?

                                                    The more Goals Club® session you attend the better your results, so we encourage you to lock your Goals Club® meetings into your diary as soon as you know them. If for some crazy reason you skip a session, you’ll get a message from your coach to ensure you stay on track and keep accountable to your actions.

                                                    Do you cater for special dietary requirements?

                                                    Yes, the Adelaide Hills Convention Centre is very accommodating and will work with us to ensure everyone is well fed.

                                                    When are the Goals Club® sessions held?

                                                    Goals Club® runs from February to November and will be held in the first week of each month. The VIP Goals Club® will be a three hour in room session with Jodie the Life Design Studio in Plympton. Home Retreat Goals Club® will be a monthly two-hour session with a certified Seven Effect Coach.

                                                    Can I see the Goals Club Schedule?

                                                    Yes of course, here it is… FYI, Goals Club® sessions are held once a month on the first or second week of each month.

                                                    VIP Goals Club® with Jodie

                                                    • Morning Session – First Friday 9.30am to 12.30pm at The Life Design Studio
                                                    • Arvo Session – First Friday 1.30pm to 4.30pm at The Life Design Studio 

                                                    Home Retreat Goals Club®

                                                    • Suzanne Ingleton – First Tuesday 7.00pm to 9.00pm on Zoom
                                                    • Steph Altus – First Wednesday 10.00am to 12.00pm on Zoom
                                                    • Raelene Azzopardi – First Wednesday 7.00pm to 9.00pm on Zoom
                                                    • Mary Palaric – First Thursday 7.00pm to 9.00pm on Zoom
                                                    • Sue Giacobbe – First Thursday 10.00am to 12.00pm on Zoom
                                                    What’s your refund policy?

                                                    At The Seven Effect® we guarantee results, but only if you show up and do the work… unfortunately there is no magic pill or silver bullet to set you free. We can confidently promise our system works when you do. Therefore, if you go through the program and implement the steps and find that it just doesn’t work, we offer you a full refund. No questions asked. If, however you simply change your mind before the event you can either transfer your ticket to another person or get a credit note to use on any other Seven Effect® program, service, or event.

                                                    How do I access the $10K Ticket To Freedom?

                                                    The $10K Ticket to Freedom is an online portal you can access via your members area. Inside you will find over $10,000 worth of extraordinary gifts and offers that available exclusively to you as a Freedom Fest member. All gifts and offers inside the $10K Ticket To Freedom are valid from November 10th 2022 through to November 2023 10th.

                                                    What is the difference between the VIP Ticket and the Normal Ticket?

                                                    VIP Tickets give you the exclusive in room experience where you will be one of only 60 women who get to work with Jodie and her team of experts ion the room for three days. You can attend as a VIP with the True Escape package which includes three nights’ accommodation, morning, and evening meals plus a bunch of extra VIP gifts. Or Day Escape ticket which includes the full VIP experience during the day and the freedom to venture home to your family at night. As a VIP you also get the opportunity to work up close and personally with Jodie in the VIP Goals Club.


                                                    The Home Retreat package gives you access to all the gold of Freedom Fest from the comfort of your own home. We ship the goodie bag to you, and you also get the $10K Ticket to Freedom and a dedicated Goals Club group and coach to keep you accountable for a whole year.

                                                    The Ten-Month Goals Club


                                                    There’s a lot of magic that happens at Freedom Fest … but the real magic isn’t in the mind-blowing ideas you generate or epic plans you create.

                                                    The real magic is in the implementation of those plans. The actions you take daily, weekly, and monthly to bring your dreams and plans to life. Freedom Fest is not like other conferences and events that rev you up in the room and then send you home alone to figure out how to get it all done.

                                                    Your ticket to freedom includes an entire year of coaching and accountability in a Goals Club that runs from February to November 2023.

                                                    Meet Your Goals Club Coaches…

                                                    Jodie Nevid

                                                    Jodie Nevid

                                                    Master Business Coach

                                                    When you register as a VIP, you get Master Business Coach and award-winning marketer Jodie as your Business and Life Coach for a year.  Jodie runs the VIP Goals Club on the first Friday of every month live at the Life Design Studio in Plympton, or you can Zoom in from anywhere around Australia.

                                                    Sue Giacobbe

                                                    Sue Giacobbe

                                                    Life Design Coach

                                                    Sue is a master at helping women bring joy back into their work and life by breaking through BS stories that keep them trapped. Sue is a certified Life Design Coach® Goals Club Facilitator® and NLP Practitioner®.

                                                    Suzanne Ingleton

                                                    Suzanne Ingleton

                                                    Weight-Loss Coach

                                                    If you’ve got goals around health and wellbeing, then Suzanne Ingleton is your go-to gal. Suzanne is an Eating Psychology Coach, Hypnotherapist and Master NLP Practitioner who’s helped countless working women transform their relationship with food, body and life.

                                                    Mary Palaric

                                                    Mary Palaric

                                                    Abundance Coach

                                                    We call her Money Mary because she made her millions as a property developer in her 50s and 60s. If financial freedom and early retirement are part of your plan, pick Mary as your coach.

                                                    Raelene Azzopardi

                                                    Raelene Azzopardi

                                                    Essential Lifestyle Coach

                                                    Raelene is a certified Life Design Coach® and Goals Club Facilitator® who’s passionate about helping women discover what’s possible in life and business. If you feel completely overwhelmed and need to slow down while being nurtured and supported, Raelene is the coach to choose.

                                                    Stephanie Altus

                                                    Stephanie Altus

                                                    1 Big Goal Coach

                                                    Steph is a masterful coach who’s been on an incredible healing journey. She’s an author, speaker and certified Life Design Coach® and Goals Club Facilitator® who brings generosity and empathy to everything she does. If you need more heart connection in your life, Steph is your gal.

                                                    There are so many things to look forward to at Freedom Fest. But one thing we all REALLY look forward to is the Freedom Awards. The only awards on the planet that celebrate the success of women in business and LIFE!

                                                    Bubbles and trophies and dance floors. Oh my!

                                                    The Freedom Awards is an epic evening to celebrate women in business and LIFE!

                                                    JOIN US AND CELEBRATE HERE

                                                    BIG LOVE and MASSIVE THANKS to OUR PARTNERS

                                                    The Freedom Revolution simply would not be possible without the backing of our incredible event partners. They help us make Freedom Fest and Freedom Awards the most magical time of the year for women in business.

                                                    Is your company dedicated to supporting businesswomen improve their health, build wealth and find their freedom?
                                                    If so, we’d love to partner with you…
                                                    Fill in your details below and we'll be in touch