The art of showing up: How Bianca Dunstan got her light bulb moment and grew her business

Adelaide female business coach.

Meet Bianca – a nurse and surface pattern designer who joined Freedom Academy in 2022 to get help building her business, Bianca Dunstan Design. But Bianca didn’t want just any old business – Bianca wanted to create an empire that would allow her to live the life she always wanted. Stress-free, financially independent and flexible to suit her busy lifestyle. In a nutshell, Bianca wanted to build a business that would set her free. 

Born with a flair for artistic design, Bianca’s original business goal was to create unique nature-inspired fabric designs that could be licensed to fabric producers around the world. The tablet was certainly there – Bianca’s fabrics were as stunning as they were unique – but something just wasn’t clicking. The orders just weren’t coming. 

Adelaide business coach

With no money coming in and Bianca’s dream business at a standstill, the team at Freedom Academy got to work

Bianca came to Freedom Academy with an open mind and vivacious determination we all fell in love with. She was prepared to do anything to make her dream business come to life. And we were committed to making that happen for her. 

We quickly recognised several things Bianca needed to do in order to crack the code and make the big bucks in her field. She needed:

  • Multiple portfolios of standout designs
  • A style and look that was unique to her brand
  • Connections and relationships with fabric buyers and producers
  • A profile on surface pattern design platforms like Spoonflower and Patternfield
  • The persistence and perseverance to keep pushing through rejection and presenting her patterns each season to as many buyers as possible.

And so began the first half of 2022 – where Bianca, with the help of the Freedom Academy, put her nose to the grind and did everything she could to make her business blossom. 

But after six months, things still weren’t falling into place. Bianca was yet to have her ‘ah-ha!’ moment that would elevate her fabric design business to the next level. But it certainly wasn’t for lack of trying. 

Adelaide business coach

Bianca was doing all the things, but the money or work just wasn’t flowing in 

Bianca’s tenacity to keep showing up was evident to everyone around her. She jumped on a coaching call every single week for an entire year. She took feedback, got knocked back by rejection and even won a few small orders. But things just weren’t happening. Her business wasn’t growing. And it certainly wasn’t helping her live the life she always wanted. 

Bianca struggled to find a solid community to connect with in the surface pattern industry. But on the other hand, she was building relationships with like-minded businesswomen every day through the Freedom Academy. A few things about these amazing women stood out to Bianca: 

  • They wanted design solutions to showcase their brand
  • They hated mucking about in the back end of their business and doing admin 
  • They needed someone beyond a VA who could set up and manage their back-end systems and front-end marketing.

And finally, Bianca had her glorious light bulb moment. What if she combined her love of design with her skill in management and took away the administration nightmares so many women in business get bogged down with?

After seven months of toiling, Bianca uncovers her easy way out and starts to build the business that will transform her life

Bianca had always had a knack for being organised and efficient. And thanks to the Freedom Academy, she found herself surrounded by female business owners who would pay good money for her unique skills. 

 Suddenly we had a new plan – a retainer-based model where all Bianca would need is three clients to quit her job. The team at Freedom Academy worked hard to put Bianca’s new offer into action.

The results? A booming business that was leaping from one success to the other. Within her first month of pivoting, Bianca signed a new client – a fellow Freedom Academy member! Then in the next month, she got her next client, another fellow Freedom Academy member. And in that very same month, Bianca formed an alliance with another Freedom Academy member where they could collaborate and expand her business even further.

Adelaide business coach

The Freedom Academy is made specifically for women like Bianca

Bianca’s story is so important for women who are just starting out – because not everyone has instant success in business. But with the right community around you, and the right attitude, you will get there. 

And the best part about all this for Bianca? She has lifetime access to The Freedom Academy – so she can keep working with me and my team this year to grow her business beyond her wildest dreams!

Applications are now closed for 2023. Contact us to find out how we can help you create a business that will set you free.