How the Freedom Academy helped Deb scale her business and increase her profit margins

Meet Deb – naturopath, master healer and founder of The House Of Healing

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After a nasty bout of poor health in 1998, Deborah Rugari wanted to create a space where people could come and heal themselves holistically. A centre with a soothing atmosphere where people can relax, renew their spirits and discover their true essence. And so The House of Healing was born. 

Over the last three decades, Deb has healed thousands of people around the world from all sorts of health concerns – from weight management to hormonal imbalance and sleep disturbances. But what did Deb discover was the number one contributor to sickness? Stress. 

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Driven by a desire to help more people reduce their stress and heal their bodies, Deb joined the Freedom Academy 

Deb knew that The House of Healing could be so much more than a wellness centre. It could be a movement – something that encourages people all across the country to embrace holistic healing and a more natural way of improving their health.

She knew she wanted to do something – but what? All Deb knew was that she didn’t just want a successful business – she wanted to change the way Australians thought about medicine and their healing process. But even if Deb knew how to start this movement, where would she start? 

So Deb joined the Freedom Academy family. If guidance and structure are what she wanted, that’s what she got!

Deb may have already had a successful six-figure company, but scaling her growth had her stumped

When it came to working one on one with clients and earning her worth, Deb had it down pat. In fact, The Wellness Centre was already bringing in healthy profits and returning customers. But turning her business into a large movement was another thing altogether.

Deb needed to learn what to do and how to launch something new. So what did we do at the Freedom Academy? We set her on the path to greatness with a few insightful steps. 

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We asked her ‘WHY’?

Every business needs to have a ‘WHY’ – why does it exist? Why did you want to start your company in the first place? By drilling into Deb’s big WHY, we were able to define her future vision and goals. Deb dreamed of turning The House of Healing into a nationwide campaign. And we had the know-how. 

We unpacked her skills, knowledge and experience 

It’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day activities of running a business without taking stock of how much value you contribute. Deb found herself in this trap – so involved in managing her company that she didn’t even know what her talents were and how her wealth of knowledge could be used to scale her business. 

We spent time unpacking all of Deb’s skills to see how her expertise could be used to grow her brand. 

We analysed Deb’s proven formula for results

The House of Healing was already driving high profits, but Deb felt like she could be doing more. Was there anything she was missing? Or was there a more effective way of doing things? 

We looked closely at Deb’s formula for results – and yes, we saw room for improvement! Together, we workshopped Deb’s strategy and tweaked it to increase her profits. We still put her on the level-up board, but we tracked profit instead of following her turnover. And BOOM! She made it to Level 7 within weeks.  

We reviewed her existing business model and client type

When was the last time you asked yourself, ‘what’s my ideal customer?’ And more importantly, ‘does my business model attract the kind of clients I want?’

At the Freedom Academy, Deb could finally ask herself these questions and look at the answers in depth. We found that her business model and client type didn’t align. But with a bit of adjusting, we were able to create a framework that drew in the right people. 

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With the power of the Freedom Academy behind her, Deb was able to achieve some big things over the year

Within 12 months of being a Freedom Academy member, Deb had:

  • Built a better relationship with money
  • Increased her profit margins and had more fun doing it
  • Found a community of women to grow with that felt more like family than fellow students in a program
  • Designed and launched The Vital Woman Expo and movement set to transform the way women take care of their health
  • Earned $10k plus per month in profit – not turnover
  • Had fun learning about digital marketing and social media – and took her first selfie!

“I avoided getting a coach or mentor forever until I found an amazing one who I am so grateful for. Thank you, Jodie – I love you to bits and am blown away on a regular basis by your genius.” – Deborah Rugari, The House of Healing.

If you’re a woman with an established business like Deb and want more support in your next stage of growth, the Freedom Academy can help! Applications are now closed for 2023. Contact us to enquire about 2024 Freedom Academy.