Business coach Adelaide: How The Seven Effect helped Sandra generate $30,000 in three weeks

Adelaide business coach.

Sandra Senn has always been a go-getter. She’s a notorious hustler with a big heart and big ambitions. When Sandra acquired SA Mums in Business (now Business Mums Hub), a community for boss mums to connect and grow, she hit the ground running. She had so many ideas, plans and goals and couldn’t wait to get stuck in.

Sandra quickly learned that while she was passionate about the business and eager to make it succeed, something was missing. She wasn’t hitting the targets she’d hoped for and felt lost in her all the millions of goals she had set for herself.

This is where Jodie comes in.

We recently sat down with Sandra to find out more about how The Seven Effect took Sandra from burnt-out hustler to focused business slayer.

Adelaide business coach

What was your business and personal life like before Jodie?

Jodie has honestly been the biggest disrupter in my life, apart from my kids. She has made a huge impact, not just on my business but on my life.

Before Jodie, I had a tendency to overcomplicate things. I burnt out a lot as a result. The first thing Jodie taught me was how to take something complicated and make it easy. Instead of hustling 24/7, working late and burning out, I started to move through my business with ease.

Jodie also helped me set, measure and achieve goals. Before Jodes I was constantly chasing unachievable or unclear goals. Jodie helped me set and solidify my goals. And helped me create a plan to achieve them.

How has The Seven Effect’s goal-setting coaching helped you?

The goal-setting techniques Jodie has taught me have changed my business and my life. The Seven Effect’s coaching covers the 7 elements of life – brain, body, mind, environment, passion, time and money. Her teachings made me realise that I didn’t just need to have business goals, I needed LIFE goals too.

And now, even if it is the smallest thing (like the dining room table annoying me) I will set a goal to address it.

Learning how to set and achieve goals has reduced stress and made me happier.

Adelaide business coach

What is it like working with Jodie?

The process is FUN. Really really fun. You never feel stupid. You never feel like you’ve missed the boat or that it’s too late. Talking to her is like talking to a friend. And I am happy to say that we did become friends after working together.

Unlike some business coaches, Jodie isn’t intimidating. Jodie is just a normal person. She loves her life. She is happy. And she makes you feel good.

What has Jodie helped you achieve?

The biggest outcome of working with Jodie was creating my business model. The business model would ultimately earn me $30,000 in three weeks.

Tell us more about the business partnership that developed

At Business Mums Hub, my programs focus on giving mums in business confidence and skills to start generating results in their business. Once they’ve built up their confidence and got a couple of runs on the board, they need Jodie to take them to the next level. An organic partnership formed that has not just benefited our businesses, but it has created AMAZING results for our clients.

Our communities combined have helped women in business achieve incredible things in both life and business.

Adelaide business coach

Is there anything else you’d like to share about your experience working with Jodie?

I am so thankful to that woman. We have a friendship and business relationship that I am so grateful for. Our businesses are an extension of each other. We help each other. We want the best for each other and our clients.

Jodie does so much for me and is an incredible person. I don’t think Jodie even realises the impact she has on people. It’s insane.

Want to work with Jodie?

Memberships for the Freedom Academy are closed, but you can still apply to work with Jodie directly. Drop her a line at